A symposium for the practice & application of philosophical dialog

March 17th—18th, 2019
Kuroda Hall, Gofuku Campus, University of Toyama
Free Admission, No Application Required

Organized by the Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences at University of Toyama
Co-organized by the Organization for International Education and Exchange
Co-sponsored by the Gender Equality Promotion Office at University of Toyama
and Wallonie-Bruxelles International (Belgium)
Under the auspices of Toyama Prefectural Board of Education and Toyama Municipal Board of Education

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What is "philosophical dialog"?

   Philosophical dialog is a way of thinking more deeply via questioning, speaking, listening, thinking, and re-questioning. The aim of this process is to nurture your capacity to view life from different perspectives. It has received a lot of attention as an educational technique that fosters personal and mutual understanding while developing creativity and cooperative problem solving skills in this globalized world. It has been adopted in many schools and in various fields throughout society.

Lectures and workshops

   Various lectures and workshops about philosophical dialog will be presented by three invited guests, all of whom have practiced and researched this technique in fields such as foreign language education, medicine, and social work. Poster sessions will also take place.


Sunday, 17 March [Day 1: 10:00-17:30]
  10:00–10:20  Opening Ceremony 
  10:20–11:10  Plenary Talk (1)
"Looking back - Ten Years of Experimentation of Philosophy in Society. Influences, Goals and Outcomes"
Denis Pieret 
  11:10–11:20  (Break) 
  11:20–12:10  Plenary Talk (2)
"Possibilities of Philosophical Dialogue - in Medical Settings and Societal Co-creation"
Narifumi Nakaoka 
  12:10–13:20  Lunch & Poster Presentations 
  13:20–14:10  Plenary Talk (3)
"How Philosophical Dialogue Changed the Way of Teaching. An Example: The Didactics of Language Teaching"
Nathalie Frieden 
  14:10–14:20  (Break) 
  14:20–15:00  General Discussion 
  15:00–15:10  (Break) 
  15:10–16:30  Workshop "Practice of Philosophical Dialogue 1"
[Facilitators] Denis Pieret, Nathalie Frieden, Narifumi Nakaoka and Kohei Matsumura 
  16:30–16:45  (Break) 
  16:45–17:20  General Discussion 
  17:20–17:30  Closing Remarks
Fukiko Ichida (Advisor to the President, Chair of the Gender Equality Promotion Office, University of Toyama)
Monday, 18 March [Day 2: 10:00-12:00]
  10:00–11:30  Workshop "Practice of Philosophical Dialogue 2"
[Facilitators] Denis Pieret, Nathalie Frieden, Narifumi Nakaoka and Kohei Matsumura 
  11:30–12:00  General Discussion 

Guest Speakers

  Narifumi Nakaoka (Japan)
 Formerly a professor at Osaka University, he is now the Representative Director of Philosophical Counseling Oncolo. He has practiced philosophical dialog in fields such as education, medicine, and nursing. His books (in Japanese) include Trial and Maturity: Philosophy of Self-modification and Habermas: Communicative Action.

Denis Pieret (Belgium)
 A trainer and coordinator at PhiloCité, an association working to spread philosophy in public spaces. He is also a Lecturer in philosophic practice at the University of Liege. He has published widely in the field, including Les frontières de la mondialisation: Gestion des flux migratoires en régime neoliberal, a book on political philosophy.

Nathalie Frieden (Switzerland)
 Former University of Fribroug professor, she has taught the didactics of philosophy in Nepal, Mozambique, and other countries. Currently a member of the UNESCO Chair on the practice of philosophy with children. Also co-organizes UNESCO's New Philosophical Practices, an annual public meeting that promotes philosophical discussion.


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